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Building Pathways to Brighter Futures

Education-Industry Partnership

We Celebratethe success of our members


  • Industrial Leaders

    A diverse range of large businesses have chosen to call Logan County home. We are honored to support leaders in the automotive, firearm, medical and logistics industries.

  • Strength in Small Businesses

    If the strong business is truly the backbone of our economy, then Logan County is blessed with strength for decades to come. Business leaders in Logan County are providing valuable goods and services, innovating in their industry and bringing new ideas to the marketplace.

  • Education

    Strengthening the relationship between education and industry is a core mission of the Chamber. Our goal is to educate our young people with the business and technical skills to be leaders of tomorrow.

  • Government Services

    Our government leaders proactively pursue projects and policies that enhance the quality of life in Logan County, while supporting our mission of being A Community For Business.

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About Us

Past, present, and future.

The Chamber of Commerce has been supporting Logan County businesses for over 70 years. Today, we are in a significant transition as we look to the future needs of our business community to compete and thrive in the 21st century. From my vantage point, I am optimistic about the future. Starting and growing a business is an extreme challenge and we are devoting our time and energy to be a valuable resource to the business community, both small and large. We believe that our community is great and is positioned to see growth through attraction of new business and the expansion of our current community. Our devotion is to promote and support our members as to truly be A Community For Business.

A VOICE for BusinessBoth Large and Small


  • Paul Benedetti


  • Erin Henry

    VP of Operations

  • Susan Karg

    Member and Visitor Services

  • Rick Gildow

    Economic Development

Executive Board

  • Laura Miller

    Mary Rutan Hospital

  • Darrin Haubert

    Vice-Chair Elect
    Wells Fargo Advisors FiNeT, LLC

  • John Bodin

    Vice Chair
    Thompson, Dunlap & Heydinger

  • John Belser

    John T. Belser, CPA

  • Jerry Cline

    Past Chair
    Honda Transmission

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Amit Singh

    Clark State Community College

  • Rick Hatcher

    Citizens Federal Savings & Loans

  • Linda Botkin

    Robinson Investments

  • Adam Rammel

    COMSTOR Outdoor

  • Warren Taylor

    Farming & Agriculture

  • Jim Sexstone

    YMCA Camp Wilson

  • Nita Wilkinson

    Green Hills Community

  • Jeff Willetts

    Calvary Baptist Church

  • Dr. Brent Swartz

    Swartz Family Eyecare

  • Michael Wilson

    Logan County Electric Cooperative

  • Mark Butler

    Benjamin Logan

  • Joenee Purcell

    Liberty National Bank

  • Terri Schneider

    Rath Information Systems

  • Dr. Rick Smith

    Ohio Hi-Point Career Center

  • Pam Miller

    IL Chamber

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