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Chamber Business/Entrepreneur of the Month

Donatos - Jim Snyder
 September 2014

Jim Snyder decided to become an entrepreneur in 1992 after a near 25 year career in the service industry with a major retailer. l was just burnt out & wanted something new, a new challenge. While at the time the thought of owning my own business and giving up the security of a long career was very scary, said Jim. Donatos had just begun franchising and Jim was impressed with their product and system and the principles they stood for. He became the fourth franchise partner to be approved into the Donatos system.

Living in Dublin at the time, he decided to locate his business in Bellefontaine after developing an attraction to the area and what it had to offer.

Jim found a vacant building that had been formerly occupied by the Logan County health department, and through the assistance of Thomas & Marker Construction, the building was gutted and a major renovation took place to transform it into Donatos Pizza. Donatos Pizza Bellefontaine opened for business on October 4, 1992! (READ MORE)

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