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    • City of Bellefontaine

      135 N Detroit 43311
      Phone: 937.592.4376

      Bellefontaine Municipal Court
      Judge Ann Beck
      226 W Columbus Ave, Bellefontaine: 937.599.6127
      Civil and Small Claims Division: 937.599.6120
      Law Director: 937.592.9682
      Prosecutor's Office: 937.599.1205
      Traffic and Criminal Division: 937.599.6127

      Bellefontaine City Building
      135 N Detroit St, Bellefontaine
      Auditor: 937.592.2215
      Department of Taxation: 937.593.8362
      Engineering: 937.593.0417
      Fire Department: 937.599.6168
      Mayor's Office: Ben Stahler: 937.592.4376
      Parks and Recreation: 937.592.3475
      Police Department: 937.599.1010
      Service-Safety Director: 937.592.6807
      Utilities: 937.592.3561

      City Council
      City Council President: David Henry
      1st Ward: Zebulon Wagner
      2nd Ward: Diane Hager
      3rd Ward: Peter DeSomma
      4th Ward: Mick Lile
      At Large: Deb Baker, Allen Hadley, Kyle Springs
      Municipal Court Judge: Ann Beck
      Law Director: Josh Stolly
      City Auditor: Jack Reser
      City Treasurer: Mark Fissel

    • Bellefontaine
      Appointed Officials

      Service/Safety Director: Jim Holycross 937.592.6807
      City Engineer: Tim Notestine 937.593.0417
      Chief Police: Brandon Standley 937.599.1010
      Fire Chief: Andy Fissel 937.599.6168
      Sewer Collections: David Elliott 937.593.4216
      Street Superintendent: Willy Volbrecht 937.592.1736
      Parks Superintendent and Cemetery Director: Kris Myers 937.592.3475
      Utilities Department: Vicki Stratton 937.592.3561
      Clerk of Courts: Karla Stevens 937.599.6127
      City Council Clerk: Bonnie Pattison 937.592.4376
      Water Department Superintendent: Tim Newland 937.593.6162
      Taxation Superintendent: Julie Stephens 937.593.8362
      Airport Manager: Midwest Corp Air 937.593.8210

    • Village of Belle Center

      104 West Buckeye St., PO Box 508, Belle Center 43310
      Phone: 937.464.6012
      Mayor: Teresa Johnston
      Fiscal Officer: Chris Dinovo
      Village Administrator: Gerald Houchin
      Council Members: Dion Campbell, Garnet Roebuck, Dustin Plikard, William McCormick, John Lowery, Rick Bednarki

    • Belle Center

    • Village of DeGraff

      107 South Main St., PO Box 309, DeGraff 43318
      Phone: 937.585.6632
      Mayor: Jennifer Bowman
      Fiscal Officer: Linda Harford
      Council Members: Sue Walls, Jennifer LeClaire, Chuck Bertschman, Dennis Stout, Kelli Stephens
      Board of Public Affairs Trustee: Ron Pope, Bob Bortree, Paul Snow

    • DeGraff

    • Village of Huntsville

      6740 Wishart St., PO Box 107, Huntsville 43324
      Phone: 937.686.4300
      Mayor: William Jenkins
      Clerk-Treasurer: Susan Yelton
      Council Members: Deb Anderson, Lori Fisher, Jean Cotterman, Ben Frey, Robin Jenkins, Brenda Jenkins
      Solicitor: Matt Chamberlain

    • Huntsville

    • Village of Lakeview

      126 North Main St., PO Box 197, Lakeview 43331
      Phone: 937.843.9152
      Mayor: Ryan Shoffstall
      Village Administrator: Patrick Parish
      Fiscal Officer: Becky Larrabee
      Village Solicitor: Conner Kinsey
      Council Members: Dennis Harford, Traci Snyder, Frank Dietz, Jacqueline Shoffner, Terry Brentlinger, Eric Barhorst

    • lakeview

    • Village of Quincy

      115 North Miami St., PO Box 126, Quincy 43343
      Phone: 937.585.5314
      Mayor: Daniel Robinson
      Village Administrator: Kirk Helmandollar
      Fiscal Officer: Sandra Ward
      Council Members: Robert E Ward, John Hickman, Charles Morrison, Bruce Stotler, Brian Carpenter, Marilane Fry

    • Quincy

    • Village of Rushsylvania

      113 North Rush St., PO Box 204, Rushsylvania 43347
      Phone: 937.441.9648
      Mayor: Katrina Eversole
      Clerk-Treasurer: Diane Rader
      Council Members: Darrell Bradford, Tim G Rader, David Harris, Patricia Wilson, Heather Wright
      Board of Trustees of Public Affairs: Kathryn Defibaugh

    • Rushsylvania

    • Village of Russells Point

      433 St Rt 708 PO Box 30, Russells Point 43348
      Phone: 937.843.2245
      Mayor: Robin Reames
      Fiscal Officer: Jeff Weidner
      Council Members: Joan Maxwell, John D. Huffman, Kelly Huffman, Marie Hendel, Libby Stidam, David Wallace
      Board of Public Affairs: Pat Cochenour, Ann Elleman, Greg Iiams

    • Russells Point

    • Village of Valley-Hi

      10 Snow Valley Rd., PO Box 234, Zanesfield 43360
      Commissioner: Eric McCreary
      Clerk-Treasurer: William Boy

    • Valley-Hi

    • Village of West Liberty

      201 North Detroit St., PO Box 187, West Liberty 43357
      Phone: 937.465.2716
      Mayor: Greg Hostetler
      Clerk-Treasurer: Cindee Boyd
      Council Members: Larry Lance, Brenda Coy, Rebecca Hamilton, Jill McKelvey, Jay R. King
      Board Of Public Affairs: Dean King, Herbert Carter, Connie Woodruff

    • West Liberty

    • Village of West Mansfield

      127 North Main St., West Mansfield 43358
      Phone: 937.355.6188
      Mayor: Kim Kerns
      Fiscal Officer: David Evans
      Council Members: Ed Kise, Jennifer Frazier,
      Derrick Detrick, Libby Wykstra, Bethany Musser, Stephanie Stephens

    • West Mansfield

    • Village of Zanesfield

      2856 Sandusky St, PO Box 62, Zanesfield, Ohio 43360
      Mayor: Heather Clapsaddle
      Clerk-Treasurer: Shari Watkins
      Council Members: Mollie Johns, Michael Failor, Gene Fout,
      Jeremy Watkins, Christy Nichols

    • Zanesfield