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    EWH Spectrum, LLC

    March 2018

    ewh's Matt Thomas and Nick TillmanIn 1992, Robert and Jean Robinson had a vision to open a new electrical wiring harness manufacturing shop in Bellefontaine. This vision became a reality when they opened EWH Spectrum, LLC at its current location, 221 W. Chillicothe Ave. Their first employee was their son-in-law, Matt Thomas, and they began building a customer base and manufacturing wiring harnesses.

    In 2006, the Robinson’s sold the business to Matt Thomas and Nick Tillman who serve as the President and CEO respectively. The business has grown over the years to include 55 employees and 20 outside contractors. With a combined experience of 127 years, Matt and Nick work alongside their key office staff: Candy Barney, Specifications; Dave Shoffner, Materials Manager; Becky Meyer, Production Supervisor; Vicky Allen, H.R./Accounting; Lynn Yoder, Maintenance and Tara LeVan, Office Manager. They now service over a hundred customers supplying wire harnesses for several industries throughout the United States and Canada, including fire truck/rescue, airport ground support, utility truck, lift gates and commercial sweepers. They supply custom electrical wiring harnesses, battery cable, power panels, function imprinted wire and they also stock and sell electrical components.

    With a customer base spread throughout the country, EWH could operate anywhere, but Logan County has always been their home. Their family roots run deep in Logan County with both parents and grandparents making their mark here. In addition to the deep family roots, Nick sited the high entrepreneurial spirit here in Logan County. “When you mix that, with a community with great schools and vast career opportunities, it creates a great environment.”

    EWH Spectrum is one of the largest suppliers of electrical wire harnesses in the U.S. to the utility truck market. On any given day, no matter where you are, there is a good chance you will come across a utility truck that has something on it that was a product of the talented employees of EWH. It could be a truck with a crane trimming trees, a delivery truck using a lift gate or a fire truck on an emergency run.

    “Our Pride is in Our Quality,” Matt shared. “We have always tried to put our customers first. This has paid off as we do not have a salesforce and we continue to turn work away.” EWH has the demand, the space and the machinery to easily double their sales, but they are limited to finding the workforce.

    Chamber members since 1995, they feel that the Chamber has always provided them with great networking and training opportunities and has been a big resource for learning solutions from other businesses with similar issues or changes that all small businesses share.

    We thank Matt and Nick for their 23 years of Chamber membership and their 26 years of service and commitment to Logan County!


    ewh spectrum group photo of employees

    EWH Spectrum, LLC
    221 W. Chillicothe Ave.
    Bellefonaine, OH 43311
    (937) 593-8010