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    Belle Printing

    February 2018

    After retiring from the United States Air Force, Mike Joseph decided upon a second career in the printing business. Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and the support of his father, Robert Breece, the idea for Belle Printing was born. Robert would serve and support as a silent partner and Mike would run the shop. This family run business didn’t end with father and son. Joining them on this endeavor was Mike’s wife, Nancy, and their son, Ben. Talk became a reality in January 1991 and Belle Printing opened its doors for business in the basement of the Centre City Mall. Eleven years later, they moved to their current location: 118 S. Main Street in downtown Bellefontaine.

    When they opened their business in 1991, they were the first print shop in Logan County to offer in-house typesetting. They had one press, plate maker and some bindery equipment. While computers were gaining more popularity, the software which allowed the construction of documents was fairly new. Over the years, they added another press, increased their quality several times as technology improved, and added more equipment to allow the operation to become more automated. As technological advancements were made, Belle Printing incorporated those advancements to improve the quality of their product, as well as improving their customer service. Today, they are almost completely digital, with the options of generating originals themselves or using documents created by the end user, which are received by various media or over the internet.

    Over the last 2.7 decades of serving Logan County, Belle Printing continues to offer a wide variety of printed business materials, including business cards, stationery, forms, tickets, brochures and envelopes; the business has expanded its services to include bulk mailing, social invitations (wedding, graduation, new baby, etc.), and bindery such as numbering and perforating, oversized copying, scanning and digital archiving blueprints and documents. They have used many vendors for supplies and copier brands along their journey and continue to bring the best affordable products into our community. If you have a project you want reproduced or you have an idea and need someone to design it, Belle Printing can help!

    They consider one of their greatest assets to be the people who have worked for and with them these many years. They have employed dozens of students and adults with varying degrees of experience and duration. Some have learned and moved on to other paths and some have taken a break after years and then returned. They believe the relationships with these ‘extended family members’ and their long-time customers are a special glue which binds them to the community.

    Mike and Nancy chose to move to Logan County to be closer to their families and chose Bellefontaine out of several cities under consideration. Mayor Richard Vicario was very welcoming and supportive of new business. They believe the Chamber was a valuable resource when they started their business and continues to be a valuable resource for the support and networking that it provides.

    We thank Mike Joseph and his staff at Belle Printing for their 27 years of Chamber membership and their 27 years of service and commitment to Logan County!

    Belle Printing
    118 S. Main St.
    Bellefontaine, OH 43311
    (937) 592-4161