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    Hill & Hamilton INsurance and FInancial Services

    December 2015

    Hill and Hamilton

    Founded in 1920 by Glenn Hill and Fred Hamilton with an intense desire to provide Logan County residents and businesses a better insurance experience, Hill & Hamilton Insurance began its storied tradition. Current owner, Tom Simon, joined the agency in 1981 and completed his acquisition on March 4, 1993. Under Tom’s leadership, H&H embarked on a three-decade journey growing the business to ten times its size compared to when he joined H&H. In 2006, Tom’s son, Matt, joined Hill & Hamilton and began an aggressive growth expansion, taking the unique business model and customized insurance experience provided by H&H to clients throughout Ohio.

    Today, Hill & Hamilton is the largest insurance agency headquartered in Logan County, and is proud to continue the tradition that began back in 1920 of providing a better insurance experience to its clients. Hill & Hamilton provides its clients customized solutions for their insurance needs. Products include personal insurance such as home, auto, renters and umbrella; business insurance for operations ranging from a sole proprietor to those with more than 500 employees; malpractice Insurance to protect physicians & hospitals, consultants to CPAs; and life & health insurance for individuals and businesses.

    “We spend an enormous amount of time and resources creating the right culture within our office before deploying any strategy. And to define our culture, we have to understand ‘why’ we do what we do: 1. We believe that peace of mind is not a commodity 2. We believe that insurance, and the protection and peace of mind it provides, is more important today than ever before 3. We believe that the risks to our personal safety and our livelihoods are just as unpredictable as the rapidly changing world we live in and 4. In short, we believe insurance matters. With this foundation, our business model is defined by putting people before policies. People have assets to protect, loved ones they care for, and employees who depend on them. Insurance policies may be the tool we use to protect them, but we always put people first.”

    When Matt was asked about this dedication to creating the right culture, he responded by saying: “It might sound overly simplified, but it’s amazing how much easier day-to-day decisions become, whether big or small, when we use the barometer of putting people before policies as our guiding principle. And we love seeing our associates buy-in to this mentality when working with clients, never losing sight of the fact that first and foremost, you’re a person, not a policy.”

    Tom & Matt have served in numerous community and industry positions, from President of the Logan County Chamber, Chairman of United Way, Bellefontaine City School Board President to State Director for the Professional Independent Agents Association of Ohio. Tom is a past winner of the prestigious Richard J. Rupp Leadership award, and in 2013, Matt was recognized as National Young Agent of the Year for his professionalism, achievement and contributions to the insurance industry. Most of all, Tom & Matt are proud of their associates, their dedication to professional excellence, and their unwavering commitment to doing what’s right for their clients.

    We look at our membership in the Chamber from a global perspective. A strong Chamber of Commerce impacts numerous sectors of our community. When you see quality, accessible healthcare; thriving business and industry; a strong education system; and an engaged workforce, it creates a rising tide that lifts all boats. We want to be a part of that success, and we see our membership in the Chamber as our commitment and investment to creating that rising tide.

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