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    V-Teck Communications, Inc.

    August 2013
    The Logan County Area Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize V-Teck Communications Inc. as August's Business/Entrepreneur of the Month.

    In 1987 Lou Vito and his wife Judy purchased the WPKO and WBLL radio stations. Their initial mission was to "build better communications for a better community."¯ In order to do this they had to hire the very best employees that they could afford. Everyone they hired had to either be from this community or they had to move to Logan County - no exceptions. They assembled a group of young people that had the potential to be successful entrepreneurs themselves but needed a start.

    When Lou and Judy purchased the stations they were living in Columbus. Every weekend, instead of going to amusement parks or relaxing by the pool, they would visit radio properties searching for the right place to live and work. The very first place they visited was Bellefontaine. They really liked it and it had everything they wanted-from a beautiful lake, several golf courses, and even one of the few ski/snowboard resorts in Ohio.

    Throughout the years Lou and Judy have grown the stations to include WPKO Radio, WBLL radio,, Sound Entertainment and The $hopping $how.

    V-Teck Communications is responsible for leading the traditional radio properties in all emerging media. The objective is to grow audience and revenue by integrating the mass reach of radio broadcasting with the one to one interaction of online, mobile and social media. Many consider radio an old school medium, but in fact, radio lives at the front edge of media integration and will continue to grow as digital technologies evolve. V-Teck Communications specializes in localism. If it's important to the community, it is on one of the stations and digital properties.

    Since they specialize in localism, they invest a large amount of their resources in gathering as much local information as possible. They literally employ more news folks than many major market news organizations.

    They have been recognized in many award categories including The Edward R Murrow award for best small community website & numerous AP awards. They have also received the National General Manager of the Year award and literally scores of industry and local awards. Their model is "Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly-¦at least once!" They lead with passion, vision and discipline."It's better to try a swan dive and deliver a colossal belly flop than to step timidly off the board while holding your nose," says Lou.

    Please join us in thanking V-Teck Communications for their continued support of Logan County!